Friday, October 31, 2008

making the case for 3D vs. Flat

Once you have spent any time wandering around in virtual worlds, the Web looks surprisingly flat and 2 dimensional. It feels like back lit magazine pages with postcard sized videos squeaking out low-fi, mono audio. And lonely - very solitary.

Why bother, when you have the option for a collaborative experience that simulates the real world interaction of humans. The traditional Internet experience is asynchronous - no matter what the Web 2.0 evangelists say. You say something and wait, then I say something and wait, then someone else says something and so on. How much real collaborative energy exists in those interactions? None, zero, zip. Today's social networking sites remind me of a guest book at 19th century B&B - * blueberry pancakes were delicious, the view from the veranda was lovely...see you next time...* Snoresville.
Make my digital interaction 3D - I need to be able to go somewhere and talk with someone and sit and have a chat or use digital artifacts to stimulate and drive our discussion.

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