Monday, February 9, 2009

looking for clues...

So I went to lunch today with two colleagues and pouring out of the speakers in the corporate cafeteria was a tune that I know well. Robert Palmer singing *Looking for Clues*. Now I toured and recorded with Robert, playing bass and keyboards, and we did a live album in London in 1980 which included other tunes from this record. "Clues" was the album we supported.

I had a strong visceral reaction to hearing this groove. I looked around at my current surroundings and part of me felt like hey where did that creative, talented hip person go? So look at me now. I am a working stiff who has disappeared into a huge technology company. Man, that groove was in the air a long time ago - I must have played that over a hundred times. It was perky and infectious. I reminisced about that vibe and remembered the innocence of that era. Really in the moment. Just dancing with the muse. Making the grooves deep and living from day to day knowing it would all work out some way or another.

Now here we are years later – wow. Has it really been that long? I had a great time doing those gigs but time has gone quickly and I now find myself in a new role, being a dad and a husband and a homeowner and a taxpayer, upstanding citizen, still exploring and investigating and wondering what’s next. Things like virtual worlds and Web 2.0 and the global workforce. Speaking at my alma mater next week about metacognition and the 21st century career paradigm. Which is the good part I guess. Robert’s been gone now for over four years -heart attack in a Paris hotel room took him to the other side of the grass... but me, I’m still here, looking out at the horizon and smiling, still looking for clues.