Friday, October 14, 2011

the work progresses...

I have now been at the Bellagio Center for 11 days. It has gone very quickly. I continue to be thrilled and intimidated by the fact that each morning presents a theoretical blank canvas that I can fill at my own rate and pace.

The other residents here are amazing - some of the smartest and most interesting people I have ever met. About half are professors from various universities in the US, Australia and Mexico. Their expertise includes public health, international law, world arts & culture, political science and musicology. A poet from Oregon, a political writer from New York City, a novelist from Athens, an artist from Vietnam. The director of Healthabitat an organization providing housing to aboriginal peoples in many places around the world and a member of the board of Transparency International.

It is with regret that you miss a meal - the conversations range widely and are always extremely interesting. We are treated like royalty - breakfast from 8-9, lunch at 1, tea and a sweet at 4, cocktails at 7, dinner at 7:30 then retiring to the Music Room for after dinner drinks and discussion.

I am developing workshop materials for my *metacognition and reinvention* concepts - hoping to make them portable and more broadly accessible. Hard work but very exciting to have the opportunity to focus solely on this work. More updates later...from beside the lake.

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