Monday, October 10, 2011

Working in the villa

Our room in the Villa Serbelloni overlooks the small village of Bellagio where a miniature economy rolls along. The waterfront is a busy place. Various ferries criss-cross Lago di Como - from here - to Lenno, Varenna, Mennagio, carrying passengers and cars and freight. The street level spaces call out to the meandering tourists, buy a silk scarf here, taste local wine there. And of course, many restaurants offering everything from wild boar to rabbit to fish caught steps from where you are sitting. All typical of any resort town.

I feel a kinship with the day to day activities that rumble along in the streets below. I am here to do work as well, albeit in a different mode but still - work. My focus is on a somewhat more distant objective while these folks make sure the cars are all safely on board or that the guest has selected the appropriate bottle of Valpolichella.

The challenge: how to influence and inform the children of Bellagio and their children's children to the way they will live and work in a new global paradigm. Describing how what lies ahead will appear as magic to the ferrymen and waitresses and shopkeepers living and working blissfully unaware on these ancient streets here in the early 20th century.

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