Friday, October 12, 2012

jack in, jump out

Tech Valley is an amazing place. An *experimental* high school in Renesselaer, NY near RPI. It is focused on project-based learning and combining disciplines.The students are taking classes in history and engineering, physics and physiology.

I had the privilege of speaking there yesterday morning to an entire school assembly - about 130 kids plus some faculty. I shared my concepts around “metacognition+reinvention: the 21stcentury career paradigm”.

These students are exactly the right audience for this message. They are creative and talented and are being taught in a way that will ultimately prepare them well to be successful in the global borderless workplace that awaits them.

After the assembly, I conducted a workshop with just the seniors. We worked on skills needed for jobs predicted to be in demand in 2030 – such as nanopharmacist, lunar tour guide and metaverse event designer. The students’ perspectives were very interesting: trending toward practical and executable in the near term.

Afterwards the principle and the business development director and I had a candid conversation about the crisis that exists in today’s education model. 

My feeling is that the tipping point will come when several successive graduating classes are unable to find work because they have not been given the skills needed to be successful in this changing paradigm.

I look forward to sharing my perspective with more 21st century learners. 

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