Thursday, December 6, 2012

coding as a metaphor

Saw this ad in a car on the Red Line on my way to Harvard Square recently. I love the tone - the edgy, accusatory nature of the question. A definite taunt.

Like, yeah, I'm talking to you punk. You think you write some serious code? Well let's see if it can solve a critical global issue. Write it and compile it and then we'll talk. Let's see how capable you really are!

This is such a great way to compel atypical thinking about not alone application development, but health care and business and society. It covers so much in my mind. 

The taunt is of course to coders and developers on the surface, but underneath is a larger message about how technology is more and more capable of driving improvements in life on the planet. How it is inseparably and deeply woven into the progress of culture and society. 

There is no turning back. Imagine how Louis Pasteur might have reacted.

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